I, Q

Title: I, Q (Book One of the Independence Hall series)
Author:  Roland Smith
Pub: Sleeping Bear Press; 2008
Pages: 302
Genre: Young Adult, Espionage

This book was chosen by my students in the book club, and I have to admit, I was definitely the "reluctant" reader in this group. Interestingly enough, I would market this book to my boys, but there are only girls in my book club.  So, yeah, check me out making all of these wrong stereotypes.

I, Q is a spy novel of sorts.  And although I can get into a good Bon movie, I have no interested in reading about spooks.  (Spooks is a new word for me.  Did you know it?  it means spies!)

As it happens, what drew my students in was the rockstar family aspect.  Q's mom marries Angela's dad and a rock n' roll legend forms.  Um, I guess picture a hawt new version of Sonny & Cher, 'cept they these two rockers have kids.  Or maybe, like the Partridge Family, except Q and Angela have no musical ability?  (And really, why am I making references of shows and musicians that are even older than "my time" of wild years?)


So now Angela & Q's folks must tour the country because of their newest single.  But the folks are all "we want to keep the kids' lives as normal as possible and this would be an amazing opportunity for them to learn about America as well, so let's get a tour van and drive everywhere through the US for the whole year".  I'm sure if you were in middle school you'd squeal at the possibility of this, huh?

But this is fiction, so we suspend our disbelief - even enough to believe that Q & Angela aren't going to have any type of sibling fights even though it's one of those "Hi" - "Hey" - and now we're related kinda things.

Oh and did I mention that Q (short for Quest) is a wanna be magician?  And step sister Angela is a wanna be CIA agent?

C'mon, I knew you were wondering where the spooks came in.

Oh and their roadie, Boon, isn't exactly who he says he is.

I'll give you a hint.  He's not a CIA agent.   Or is he??  Hmmmm...

Overall this was a fast and intense read. There was one night even that I stayed up way past my bedtime in order to finish it.

And finally, completely irrelevant, I had an "Aha" moment when the author's name - Roland Smith - finally clicked.  I read his book, Peak, a couple of years ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  It's all about climbing Mt. Everest.  Such a must read!

Truthfully, I don't know if I'll read any more in the series, but I would definitely recommend it to my middle schoolers.

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