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The Life

As some of you might recall, two weeks ago for Spring Break, D & I went to the Glades to do some biking.  It was an incredible experience and whilst there we spoke to the park ranger who told us that they had a FULL MOON bike ride coming up.


Which is where we were Friday night.  We drove the five hours down south, biked the fifteen mile trail IN THE DARK, and then drove the five hours back, arriving at home around 3AM and thus screwing up my sleep schedule for the rest of the weekend.  (Woe will be me Monday morning).

But man, IT WAS SO WORTH IT.  We started the biking around sunset and then shortly thereafter it began to rain.  Luckily we were at the midpoint by then and there was a tower to take refuge.

Biking in the dark, listening to all of those nature sounds, and know it was MATING season had to be one of the freakiest things I've EVER done.  Off of the bucket list!

The Blog

Two reviews this week.

  • Die for Me by Amy Plum - a MUST read for anyone who adores paranormal YA.  Book comes out May 10th and I cannot wait to own a copy (I read via NetGalley).
  • The Uncoupling by Meg Wolitzer - another ARC via LibraryThing; astute observations.
And a question for housekeeping - Does anyone know if there's a way to delete multiple images on Picasso?  It's a pain in the neck to delete images individually.  

The Books

This week, I finished

This up and coming week, I plan on reading


  1. Moonlight bike ride sounds amazing. I'm also reading Great Expectations this week. Do you have any interest in a little Great Expectations project? Something fun.

    You can email me at jamesbchester at comcast dot net

  2. FUNNNNNN!!! Even though I can't help think it might be more fun on a motorcycle (going through withdrawals here...). Any gators this time?

    Love Great Expectations. Enjoy. That Miss Havisham is a sad sack but still a bit of a hoot.

  3. Sounds fantastic! I'm glad you had a good time and didn't get eaten by gaters. :D

  4. That bike ride sounds amazing! Have a good week. :-)

  5. I'm in the middle of SIng You Home right now and I am liking it. I am really intrigued by the idea of a CD/Book combo. A neat way to mix media and expand message of a book.


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