Classic Circuit - Great Expectations

Can I tell you that I did a little happy dance when I realized that the classic circuit was hosting a duel? I'm generally a CC lurker, but could not resist participating in this one.

I was a pendulum swinging back and forth: who do I choose? I dig me some Austen AND Dickens, but ultimately the deciding factor was size.  Size of their published works that is.  Ya see, I've already read half of Austen's books (heh, there's SIX) and Dickens has a bunch more than that.  Easy enough factor, huh?

But Chuck and I have some rocky history.  Here's how our dates usual go:  We meet up, I size him up. . .  check out the initial superficial outfit, and then get down and dirty.  I'm interested, curious, and attentive.  We hit it off.  Our banter is fantastic.  But eventually like most things, great dates included, our time must eventually come to an end.  I offer a quick pat, nestle him in a nice cozy spot near me, and deal with My Life.

And in between My Life there might be some one-night stands, but that's only because my Sanity is in question and I need easy banter with a pal that might not ask questions of me the next morning.

Now, Chuck, being the arrogant fellow that he is, KNOWS that I'll ALWAYS come back to him.  It just might take a few missed calls, ignored texts, and deleted emails.  Which is sorta what happened with Great Expectations.

You see, I picked up GE about a month ago and immediately fell into the "I dig you" stage.  Here's this po' boy who stumbles into some shenanigans with a criminal and other than an irritating name - (Pip?! Really?  I kept having flashbacks of Tiny Time), I was INTRIGUED.  So, here's the young Pip living with his miserable sister and charming brother-n-law, who's not so bright, but has a GINORMOUS heart and he meets this jilted old lady and falls head over heels in love this (potentially manipulative and-) callous young woman.  Tons of stuff to keep me entertained.


(you might guess...)

I set Pip et al aside for a few weeks and hung out with some YA Lit.  

Eventually I go at it again and Pip gets money!  And he becomes a gentleman! But his benefactor is a mystery and - 

Okay. I'm not going to tell you the whole story because Chuck is always worth the time.  THAT'S THE LESSON HERE, peeps!  Great Expectations is about selling out, essentially.  And who's going to stand by you in the end.  And maybe just a wee bit about what events determine who we are.

As the other Charles might say.  #WINNING

Title: Great Expectations
Author: Charles Dickens
Pages: 507
Pub: 1861; Penguin Classics
Genre: Classics


  1. I love Dickens too, but the same thing happens to me -- I always end up reading other books at the same time. I've been digging away at Dombey & Son for more than a month now and I still have 300 pages to go! And I'm supposed to post on Saturday! I'll do my best but I may write the review before I've actually finished the book.

  2. I literally can't even deal with Dickens, I want him to die, but like way earlier than he actually did so that his evil and horridly hard books were never written.

    Or- I'm really thick and actually he's amazing and I don't deserve to read anything ever. Whatever you think really!


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