(!) Movie BETTER than Book (!)

Okay blogosphere, I am MOST anxious about this post and I haven't even WRITTEN it yet.

I feel as though I am making the biggest anti-reading proclamation EVER and must denounce my bookzenship, run off to Canada (no offense Canadians...you love everyone which is why we love YOU!) and whither away renting dvds at the local Blockbuster for income and pleasure.

*deep breath* ...are you ready?

I saw film version of The Lovely Bones last night and thought it was TOTALLY HANDS DOWN SOOO MUCH BETTER than the novel. 

*ducks and cover*

But it's for realz, yo.  And let me explain.  I had absolutely NO INTENTION of even watching the movie. I mean, I read Lovely Bones a few years back because everyone was raving about how it was so powerful and so brilliant for a book that hits mainstream (side note: what does THAT even mean?) and I was disappointed.  Like, disappointed as if I was jumped off of a diving board only to find out that there was no water in the pool.  Yup.  THAT disappointed.

The Lovely Bones was the very first book I reviewed here at Reading Thru The Night, so for that, we will always have a special bond.  When I reviewed it, I gave it three stars.  I was definitely trying to figure out what I wanted here in the blog-o-world and I admit, I was awfully all over the place.  (You'll notice now I don't post ratings because they are too permanent for me.  Sometimes a book grows on me.  Sometimes it runs away from me.  Who knows where my headspace is.). So, since then I would probably say The Lovely Bones earned about two stars.  

Wanna know an important line from that review?

"I just was not as emotionally captivated as I expected"

Which, you know, once THAT happens...what can you do, right?  I did mention that maybe I wasn't emotionally captivated because of my expectations, blah blah blah...but bottom line...I had high expectations for Jane Eyre and LOVED that one.  So, no deal there.  Brilliance doesn't disappear with opinions.

So here it's been going on a few weeks now that I've seen the film version pop up on my HBOSHOWTIMECINEMAX channel and I hit -avoid-avoid-avoid.  But last night, I'm laying in bed...tossing and turning...trying to get some sleep...but failing miserable when I finally cave.  My thoughts were simple, I'll watch something that will disinterest (read: bore) me, thus putting me to sleep).


No. Instead I stayed up well into the near midnight hour, sobbing, cuddling with my cat, wishing that I hadn't started this damn film.

So what were the differences?

The movie pulled me in.  The narration was beautiful; the acting incredible.  The imagery blew me away.  It obviously captured what Sebold was attempting to do with her language, but someone, for me, failed.  

I don't believe in Heaven or Hell.  I don't really believe in an afterlife, and I guess, if pushed came to shoved, the most i could concede is that our ENERGY goes back into the universe, but doesn't necessarily take a physical shape. (So, I guess kinda like Hinduism, but not?)  But the film version of The Lovely Bones wanted me to believe.  Susie's in-between was amazing and I loved how it coincided with the events going on in her life.  Plus, the authenticity of the time period was remarkable.

All in all, I wept.  I didn't get much sleep.  I was impressed.  

The book.  Not so much.

(I realize that there were many people who didn't like the film?  Maybe I was in a sensitive mood.  LOL, but it's my story and I'm sticking too it!)

Have you seen the film, read the book? What are your thoughts?


  1. I have neither read the book nor seen the movie, but I'll probably watch it at some point. I like Saoirse Ronan. I thought she was great in Atonement.

  2. I think there are cases where the movie is better than the book. It doesn't happen often, but it also depends on your perception of the book. I haven't read or seen this one because it looked scary. (I'm a big chicken.)

  3. This has happened to me before, though it's rare. In this particular movie, the "after life" scenes were a bit too trippy for me, but I thought the villain was perfect!

  4. I've read the book and watched the movie, and actually, I thought both were decent. I loved the visual imagery in the movie which I thought perfectly captured what I had envisioned when I read the book.

    Here's one that is definitely better than the book - PS I Love You. The movie is good, and the book is...meh.

  5. I liked the book a lot, but haven't seen the movie yet. I liked the book so much I bought it for my mom and she was...not impressed. So you're in good company :)


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