On Mystic Lake

Author: Kristin Hannah
Pages: 448
Pub: 2004; Ballentine
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The Short of It

Home holds the heart and answers.

The Long of It

Annie just finds out her husband is in love with someone else and wants a divorce right around the time her daughter graduates high school and goes off to Europe for the summer.  Having always identified herself through her husband and daughter, Annie does the only thing she can think of – pack up her bags and return to the small town she grew up in.

Much like stereotypical small towns, not everyone gets out, including her high school sweetheart, Nick.  Nick’s wife recently committed suicide and he is having trouble raising their daughter, Izzie, solo.  Doing what she knows best, Annie offers to babysit and learns more about her owns self and what she wants in a family.

The Thoughts about It

S’okay, if you’ve been reading this book blog for sometime it might strike you that this book is SO FAR AWAY from what I normally read you might be scratching your head going, “huh”? I get it.  It WAS weird for me to read it.  But I had a handful of Hannah’s books dropped off at my house by a family member and I knew that I should read AT LEAST one to discuss.  Figuring it would be a quick read I decided to give it a fair chance.

And I did give it a fair chance.  I kept my snark in check.  I didn’t roll my eyes even though there were parts that tempted me to do so. 

Y’know what it reminded me of? Hope Floats, that flick with Sandra Bullock.  Nothing in the story shocked me. Nothing made me think. It was a book I could curl up with right before bed and it wouldn’t give me nightmares or even make me stay up all night reading it.  It would nicely lull me to sleep.

Does that mean I thought it was dull? *shrug* You take what you will with it.  I’ve heard that many folks love them some Hannah…maybe I’m just not part of that norm.  I think the next time I want some chicklit I’ll go for Sophie Kinsella.  I need more chuckles and less drama.  


  1. Agreed... read this one years ago.

  2. Haha, I can definitely understand reading something because a family member recommends (forces) a book. Hard to say no, but I've come to realize that many turn out the way this one did for you...no substance.

  3. It sounds like a sweet book, not sure it is one I would read.

  4. Hannah's books are sort of like "comfort reads" for me. I havent' read that one but I've read most of the recent ones and I've enjoyed them. But I also am one of those girls who loves Lifetime Movies too.


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