The Last Dragon

Author: Jane Yolen, Rebecca Guay
Pages: 144
Pub: Dark Horse Comics
Genre: Comics, Fantasy
Etc: via Netgalley

The Short of It

Maybe dragons really aren’t completely extinct.

The Long of It

Set in a small town, the discovery of one last dragon leaves the townfolk distraught.  After all, there has not been a need for heroes so they have no one local to kill it or protect them.  With no other choice, a couple of boys seek out a hero to bring back to their land and slay the dragon.  What they find is more like an antihero, and the town’s safety is questionable.

The Thoughts about It

I jumped instantly at the chance to read this via NetGalley because HELLO!! it’s Jane Yolen and she rocks my fantastical world.  Can I just say that this did not disappoint.  It’s a wonderful fairy tale that has a contemporary spin on it and I think that it would fit perfectly into my fairy tale unit.  I don’t want to give away too much because it really is worth the read but feel like I must comment on one aspect which gets the most accolades from me – THE STRONG FEMALE role.  I freakin’ adore that the “hero” wasn’t so much of a hawt prince and the damsal didn’t need that much rescuing.  And this sounds super cheesy but the ending? It reminded me of that line in Pretty Woman which says (paraphrased) “and the princess and prince saved each other”.  Fist pump!

BTW - Dark Horse Comics is quickly becoming my snuggy of graphics.   

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  1. This was my first ever NetGalley request! It sounds like I won't regret it.


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