TSS- Out for the Count

Hey y'all! This is going to be short and sweet since I'm officially without a colored for a few weeks.

Corki is on a medical maintenance plan, which means he's not out of the woods but providing he stays his happy go lucky self there's no point to have surgery.

Which leads me to how the computer went BOOM. We brought the Cork home from the vet and he was still under anesthesia. And because he is The Cork Monster he climbed up on his tower WHICH WAS A BIG NO NO. Sooooo I went out on the porch to keep an eye on him. Figured I'd write some reviews, catch up on my online time.

AND THEN !!!!!! He stretches and rolls over but because HE'S STILL DRUGGED he loses his balance and is about to fall head first on the ground. I immediately jump up to the sound of my laptop crashing to the floor to save his butt.

I have reviews saved and scheduled. I'm hoping to resolve this computer crisis after a few paychecks.

I will miss everyone terribly.


  1. What a nightmare, your dog and your computer?! I hope both situations get better soon!

  2. Wow...ouch! Laptop and Cork both. :( We'll miss you and see you when you get back on your feet!

  3. Ooooh no!! I know, poor computer and you, but poooooor Corki. :( Take care dear--and we'll need you back by the 22nd of next month for a little thing called readathon...just sayin. ;)


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