Love Virtually

Title: Love Virtually
Author: Daniel Glattauer
Pages: 272
Pub: 2011
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Realistic
Etc:  Initially published in German

The Short of It

Realistic portrayal of an online affair.

The Long of It

Emmi Rothner accidently e-mails Leo Leike.  No seriously.  She does.  She’s trying to cancel a magazine order and accidently hits an extra period or delete a letter, whatever.  Haha mistake happened and both parties involved laugh a little (LOL anyone?) and life went on.

Until it happened again.  This time Emmi is a wee bit more irate at magazine company and Leo comes back equally as snarky.  Hahaha giggles ensue AGAIN. And the next thing you know a correspondence begins.

Thus, we enter the world of courtship via the interwebs.  The emails begin humorously, a bit of snark here and-a-bit-a sentiment there.  All in good fun.

But, just like any long-term virtual correspondence, errors are gonna be made, miscommunications are gonna happen, and feelings are gonna get hurt.

Do Emmi and Leo make a love connection? Or is it nothing more than a virtual farce?

The Thoughts about It

Hahaha I don’t thnk that I often leave my reviews with rhetorical questions but I just can’t help it with this one.  Let me tell you what, the cover made me all SKETCHY. I mean, check it out, folks.  So AmericanLove, yes?  (I much prefer the European cover below!)

 Man, those Germans know how to pull you in and make your heart do summersaults until you feel like your rightside up only to be laying flat-faced to the ground trying to breath.

Yeah, I sorta dug this book, heh.  Seriously.  It is Realistic.  In that jab-your-eye-out realism of meeting someone and kinda wanting to get your hopes up that it’ll Last and be Real and Forever but still holding your heart back because you don’t want it Broken and Sobbing.

Can I make up an award?  Most Believable Love Story in the Twenty-First Centruy.


  1. I have this one on my reading pile--I've heard mixed things about it so hadn't picked it up yet, but I will eventually. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I like the German cover as well!

  2. Looks very current. I'll have to look for it.


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