Title: Party
Author: Tom Laveen
Pages: 228
Pub: 2010; Random House
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic

The Short of It

Eleven teens interact at one party.

The Long of It

This is the story of eleven different high schoolers who plan to attend the ultimate end of the year party.  Mostly juniors who anticipate being on the top of the high school ladder and graduated seniors nervous about the up and coming “real life” experience are in attendance.  Each chapter is told from the perspective of one character and by the end of the night we have fully experienced the Party.

The Thoughts about It

Ummm, okay.  Has anyone else seen that movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt – CAN’T HARDLY WAIT? (1) That is exactly what this book reminded me of.  Except, while the story in CHW is a bit more superficial and lovey (geeky boy who has been in love with popular girl) .

I have to be honest with you all.  I’m always hesitant when I read a book that is told by alternating perspectives mainly because quite honestly, it’s hardly ever done correctly.  Guess what, characters are suppose to sound differently. I know, I know.  Strange concept.  But, I digress… Here we had EVELEN different voices and well, the voices didn’t always sound all so unique.

There were a couple of stories that I liked much more than others.  (Stories = characters?)  The very first one, in fact, caught my attention.  Her mother just died and she had spent the past couple of years in high school not being a part of anything.  She decides to go to the party to see if anyone even knows who she is.  Such a good character.  Would love to hear her story.

There’s some racial tensions and love ‘n’ sex tension.  Charming character development and not-so-charming.

The book was interesting and worth the quick read. If it’s around, go for it.

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  1. I enjoyed this one more than you did, but that's partly because I live in Santa Barbara and enjoyed knowing where the characters were, the restaurants they were going to, etc.

    I also like books told by alternating/different characters' perspectives.


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