TSS - 2012 already?!

Knock Knock...
-who's there?
-2012 ALREADY?!

Bare with my jokes folks.  I blame the meds I'm on from minor surgery.  (This is a pre-written TSS post since I'm laying around and not focused enough to get in some reading right now).

I'd thought I'd spend a couple of minutes thinking about 2012.  (Seriously?!  I still can't believe...) And that means, of course, reading challenges...or as James would refer to one in particular...reading dares.  This year I'm going to participate in a couple, unlike 2011 where I hung out with some readalongs (Thanks Allie!) and sucked up James' dare.

BUT FIRST, I wanted to mention a reading challenge (of sorts, cuz I don't think it's a challenge as much as a focus) of my own.  Due to the Borders close outs, I managed to acquire a lot of books this past year.  One genre that I increased was my collection of mysteries.  First let me admit something terrible, folks.  I have never read an Agatha Christie book.  *shudder* I know, I know.  And while I'm unburdening myself: I've never read a Dorothy Sayers or Sherlock Holmes.  This of course has to change.  SO, mysteries will be my focus for March.  Look. I even created a button!

I would love to have others join me so I can get some recommendations.  If you're interested, leave me a comment or find me on twitter @ReadingThruNite.

Now, enough about my own plug -

-some other challenges/dares I'll be participating it.

First, and this is technically before 2012...I'll be ending the year with Advent with Austen. She's such a snuggly read and I've slowly been savoring her. I've read three of her six finished works.  I have Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey left, plus some fun Jane-inspired books.

 Now, at the beginning of 2012, I will be suffering participating in the TBR Double Dare hosted by the amicable James.  The plot is simple: he has dared us not to read any books that are not on our TBR shelves already until April 1st.  The catch is we can purchase books, just not read them.  I survived last year, and this year I'd like to grow some guts and tell myself that I won't purchase any books either.  Yeah, well, we'll see about that.  Thankfully, HIS dare just says I have to read from my own shelves.  Man knows I have tons.  (Remember?  Borders Closeout).  Do you dare?

Finally, I love this challenge hosted by a new-to-me-blogger, Sarah over at She Reads Too Much.  The challenge is Back to the Classics 2012.  Yay!  At the beginning of 2011 I managed to stay pretty on target with my classical reading; but, about midpoint I became engrossed in YA literature.  And don't get me wrong, I still love me some YA literature, but I do miss the satisfaction I get after reading a classic.  I'm not going to fill out the books yet because I'm still in bed.  But a list will be coming soon!
  • Any 19th Century Classic
  • Any 20th Century Classic
  • Reread a classic of your choice
  • A Classic Play
  • Classic Mystery/Horror/Crime Fiction
  • Classic Romance
  • Read a Classic that has been translated from its original language to your languange   - To clarify, if your native language is NOT English, you may read any classic originally written in English that has been translated into your native language.  
  • Classic Award Winner  - To clarify, the book should be a classic which has won any established literary award.  
  • Read a Classic set in a Country that you (realistically speaking) will not visit during your lifetime  - To Clarify, this does not have to be a country that you hope to visit either.  Countries that no longer exist or have never existed count.

So, tell me...what kind of fun plans are you making for 2012?


  1. I have to admit, I haven't even been tempted by challenges this year. Actually, I've been watching them come through A Novel Challenge and wondering why so many new challenges were suddenly coming out. Took me awhile to figure out it's NOVEMBER and not SEPTEMBER, which is what it feels like here. Seriously, 80+ degrees in November? NOT COOL.

    Are you keeping the GLBT challenge going?

  2. Never read Dorothy Sayers, really? Lucky you to have her ahead of you! I will make the recommendation I make to everyone about her and say: Start with the Harriet Vane books because they are by far the best (Strong Poison is the first) and will imbue affection for Lord Peter Wimsey in your heart. Then if he's a bit annoying in his other books, you won't mind because you'll already be fond of him.

  3. I was going to ask if you've posted your March Mystery Madness to the Novel Challenge site, when I realized I still need to send along a notice about The TBR Double Dare. Thanks for the generous plug here. I've not looked at challenges for 2012 yet. I usually wait til we're closer to the end of the year. I think I'm leaning more towards the read-a-longs and the shorter duration challenges. We'll see....

  4. I might join you for some mysteries in March! And you REALLY NEED to read some Sherlock Holmes. AMAZING.

    I did okay on my challenges for this year, but I am going to only pick a few for next year. I get too overwhelmed with so many choices!

    And hey, I'm going to plug the fact that I am hosting a Shakespeare Month in January. You should join the fun. ;)

  5. What Jenny said! Also, so glad you're joining us for Advent with Austen.

  6. You are crazy pants! ;)

    Once I kicked the reading challenge habit, I've been clean ever since. Well, really what it means is I read much less than I used to but am also less stressed. Ha!

    Though I might casually join March Mystery Madness as I also picked up a Sherlock Holmes collection from Borders.


  7. I'm glad you're joining the classics challenge! Can't wait to see what titles you pick out. :-)

  8. I'm actually skipping on the year long challenges this year, I think, in favor of doing month long focuses. I'd love to join you for mysteries in March!

  9. Hi! I would love to join your March Myster Madness challenge as I too have a few unread Dorothy Sayers, Laurie R. King, and Sherlock Holmes. :)


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