The Demon Lover

Title: The Demon Lover
Author: Juliet Dark
Pub: 2011; Ballentine
Pages: 448
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Etc.: Thanks a bunches, NetGalley

Weeeellll....as you probably have noticed, I don't read a bunch of romance books.  Especially HARDCORE throbbing romances.  It's not that I look down at them (But okay, the covers, really?  How can someone be taken seriously when there's a half nakked man on the cover with a girl and her breastesses all hanging out? Still, whavs...) So, I'm perusing through NetGalley and this cover caught my attention.  PLUS I definitely love me some paranormal, so why not just branch out from my cubby hole (which seems to be nothing but YA lately) and look at what the big people read.

Um, yeah, heeellllooo nurse.  Seriously.  There's some nakedness going on all over the place.  Which doesn't offend...but really?  In the first part of the book with no build up?  Sheesh.  Holy moly.  Can't I even get charmed into giving it up?

And I have a secret.  Not sure it's much of a secret cuz you could most definitely google it, and it's a conundrum to me why an author would write under another name if it's going to get leaked out in the webosphere...BUT moving on..  Juliet Dark is really Carol Goodman who I love guys.

I was all in my pajamas laying on the couch doing a mental happy dance.  Surely I was going to love this paranormal romance if one of my favoritest fiction writers wrote it, right?

Yeah.  Not so much.  I just didn't care.  And it had so many of the elements of Goodman that makes me love her:  boarding school, small town, literary mystery (like a real hey this person was a writer and died a tragic death and let's find out what really happened).  Thrown into the mix?  The townsfolk aren't who they say they are.  Nope, instead it's like a David Lynch movie where that professor over there is also a demon, and that one over there?  Yeah, vamp.  But not one that sparkles.

Still.  It didn't matter.  Obvs based from the ending this is going to be a series, and although I can definitely get obsessive when it comes to series, this one will get my pass card.


  1. Carol Goodman?? Really??? Who woulda thunk it.

  2. Don't you just hate it when the set up is great, but the follow through is, well, ugh? What a disappointment! And I have no IDEA Carol Goodman wrote trashy novels under a pseudonym. Good on you for soldiering through!

    What a waste of a great cover!

  3. I like romances but when they start with the sex with no build up at all it's hard to recover from that. There is one author who always seems to pull it off (Susan Elizabeth Phillips) but it usually never works. The anticipation is gone.


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