Iron King

Title: Iron King
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 368
Pub: 2010; Harlequin Teen
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Series

The Short of It

Seeking kidnapped brother in faery realm.

The Long of It

Megan turns sixteen and essentially all hell breaks lose, but not in the sense of boy problems.  Er, at least not romantically.  All within days, she is told her kid brother is really a changeling, she’s half Fae, and her best friend isn’t really human at all, but really, Puck. 

Choosing to enter the Faery Realm, Megan is nearly killed and must hide out with all of the strange creatures that exist in this hidden reality.  Offering help is Grimalkin who reminds me of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.  Finally, Megan runs into Ash, the prince of her fae family’s nemesis.  With all of these characters by her side, Megan is determined to find her brother Ethan and bring him back to the human world.

The Thoughts about It

Um, why was I not told that Puck was in this series?! Seriously.  I absolutely adore all things related to the gods of chaos.  (Having named one of my cats Loki, this should be no surprised.) I absolutely loved his character.  Kagawa did an impressive job making him both protective of Megan, cuz you know, he’s in luuurrvve AND still out-there-playful.  Oh and Grimalkin, seriously, I need a cat like that.  I love that he’s a little snarky and quite brilliant, able to use his wits even when Megs and et al are beside themselves.  I’m still on the fence with Ash.  I mean, I get where the series is going…what, can’t you figure it out?  It’s OF COURSE going to be another love triangle between Ash, Megs, and Puck.  Ash is supposed to be the brooding one.  You know THAT guy that is in every teenager’s life.  (What it couldn’t have just been me, right?)  I don’t have anything against Ash (or even the triangles anymore in YA.  I’ll go with the flow), but he hasn’t really warmed up to me yet.  Of course I figure she’ll choose him (don’t they all?) but I’m secretly rooting for Puck cuz he’s just fabulous. 

Color me surprised that I dig a book about the land of Fae.  I’ve seriously put off any faery type books.  I can’t help but think about Tinkerbell.  Maybe this will break the trend.    

[I do have the other three in the series waiting to be read, perhaps over winter holiday]


  1. Geeeez I need to read this already! I know I'll love it. Yay Puck!!!


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