Readalong - NW/HK

Hey y'all! I'm sitting here after having a savory bowl of beef stew.  It's getting chilly outside (we're suppose to drop to the low 20's) and I'm debating on either brewing a cup of tea or sipping some hot cocoa.  All of this indicates that this is a scheduled post.  Because today(1) is the kick off for the Norwegian Wood readalong hosted by Reading Rambo.

If you've never read the book and are interested, you should definitely head over to the sign up page and then check out the dates.   It's a relatively short book, so it can easily be added into anyone's schedule.  Ahem.

S'okay, introductory post is to essentially come clean on what you know...about the author and the book.  *scratching head* This should be pretty easy.  I know VERY little about this man. Although I hear he's brilliant.  I mean, come on, was there a book out there that was drooled over more in anticipation than 1Q84. 
Let me fess up and tell ya about a very ignorant moment in my literary gap.  Convos were taking place amongst fellow bloggers about Murakami and I was all like, oh yeah, I totally dug that book Never Let Me Go - it was ah-MAY-zing.  Yuppers.  Right country, wrong writer.  Looks like I was actually referring to Ishiguro. Of course.  

Now seeing as it's a new year, I'm all about learnin' new things.  Let me just tell you...

(1) of course I mean tomorrow now but when you read this it will be today!


  1. I like that most of (read: at least you, Laura and I) the people doing the readalong have never read any Murakami. NEW IMPRESSIONS AHOY. Very exciting. Plus we're fixing an obvious gap in our bookbloggerdom, and soon we can look down upon the young'uns who've never read anything of his. "Ah-hah!" we shall say. "WE'VE read Norwegian Wood. And can talk about it and stuff." And they shall be shamed.

    ...but this is really of course supposed to be an overall positive experience.

  2. LOVE your little Murakami/Ishiguro slip up :) - Ishiguro is English too, if that makes it any more embarrassing for you (Never Let Me Go was fab though- definitely need to re-read it!)
    Anyway, yay Murakami! And yes to Alice above- we can be all superior and cool and be the envy of all, except in a wholly nice way :)

  3. Lol I have mixed up Ishiguro and Murakami before! It's probably not that uncommon!

  4. I haven't even read Ishiguro. My exposure to Japanese culture is sadly lacking, but I DID grow up watching Sailor Moon...so that's something.

  5. I'm excited to readalong this one! This is my second Murakami (After the Quake was the first) and it's certainly less frightening than The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, which I've had forever and have been avoiding for too long. Maybe next January...

    Good luck and see you next week!

  6. LOL Never Let Me Go WAS a good book! But you're right, wrong guy, lol.

    I too know very little about Murakami, so here's to hoping this is a good one!

    (BTW, totally jonesing for some stew now!)


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