Let the New Year Commence!

Duuuude!  It's 2012, and Mayans be damned, I'm going to read this year like it's truly my last year reading.  Cue dramatic music and let me be serious.  Because truthfully, don't we all try to read as much as we possibly can?  No more, woe is me I haven't read nearly enough.  Bahumbug I say.  [And is it allowable to still say Bahumbug after Christmas?] I've found that I've come quite comfortable reading what I want when I want.  Which is exactly what I did in 2011.

I thought about not having new year's resolutions, but that's just not me.  I love all things list related and resolutions are the Most Loved List of them all.

*scratches head*

But folks, I'm still drawing a blank.  So I thought I'd examine what resolutions I've made in the past three years.

Let's see....in 2009  which basically said I'm gonna read more non fiction, short stories, and fantasy.

In 2010, I wanted to read only from my bookshelves, re-read my favorite books, and get some poetry on.

Finally, last year, I revisited some of my previous resolutions.  You know, read from my shelves again.  BUT I also got creative and wanted to incorporate some bloggy resolutions, like use real pictures in my posts and participate in more readalongs.

Based on past new year's resolutions and Success, I haven't been all that consistent.  I'm more of a drive by crosser-offer, if you will.  This year I'm going to try to do something a bit more doable, therefore, ones that will give me warm fuzzies.

*drum roll please*

The Bookish

1. I would like to read every day for at least an hour, but realize that's not gonna always work.  Since I obvs don't count grading my student work as reading I can already predict that there will be days where I won't want to read another word EVEN IF it's well written.  Therefore, my goal will be to read for at least an hour five days out of the week Seems fair. Reasonable. Attainable.

2.  Read from my own freakin' shelves.  Man, I'm counting on the TBR Double Dare for this one.  I am not allowing myself any book purchases [1] until April 1st NOR library visits UNLESS the library visits are for school purposes.

3. One important lesson I learned this year is to TRY ON AUTHORS AND GENRES THAT I WOULDN'T NORMALLY READ.  I cannot believe that I adored Lonesome Dove as much as I did.  It gives me hope that there is more out there that I will adore if I just get past my squeamish resistance there's a whole world out there.  THEREFORE, I plan on reading at least five books out of my comfort zone.  This should be doable since I'm hosting the March Mystery Madness Month!  (Please join in on the fun and help me explore the genre that I have no clue about!)

One The Personal

This will be the first year that I post personal goals on the blog.  But I figure what the heck, right?  It's my party and I can do what I want to. Heh.  These goals are going to be pretty basic, but still detrimental to a good 2012.
1.  Have a water bottle with me wherever I go.  This should be SO doable.  I generally keep a book with me in my purse, so throwing in a water bottle is just as easy.

2. Seriously keep track of everything that I eat. It's the only way to stay healthy even if it's a big pain in the arse.  

3.  Make at least twelve new recipes this year.  And take pictures.  And blog about it.

4.  Eventually eliminate diet coke from my diet.  I'm not going to give a timeline, just sometime before the end of 2012.  

Okay, there you have it.  Let's see what 2012 brings. 


  1. I love your personal goals, and i love that you're posting them!! I agree, tracking food SUCKS but it DOES work, so I'm doing it even though I've been doing it for a year and I'm bored out of my mind with tracking. :D

  2. I'm going to be tracking my food as well. I think that once I see it down on paper I'll realize how crappy I really eat. :) I like your water goal too. That's a good idea, so I am going to steal it. ;)

    Good bookish goals as well! I really need to stop acquiring some books for awhile. When I did my big book culling project, I realized I could read from my own collection for 3 or 4 years without needing to buy anything. Eeek. But, buying books is part of my nature...I just need to buy less of them. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I love your goals. They all seem completely realistic.

    I also like the fact that you posted your personal goals.

    Happy New Year and Good Luck

  4. It's totally your party, and don't you forget that. ;-)

    I gave up diet soda for 6 weeks, and then when I had one, it tasted like crap. Or more specifically, all chemically and way too fizzy. So if you can go without, you might find you lose your taste for it.

    Good luck with everything and happy New Year!

  5. Yay for the recipes! That's one of mine as well. And I definitely need to drink more water as well. I'm great at this while at work but not at home. Booo.

    Happy new year dearheart.


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