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Argh! You guys!  I'm a still stuffy.head.can't.breath.right.Mouth.Breather! I'm sure you've heard me bemoan EVERYWHERE about this condition because I NEVER get sick.  Part of the bonus of being a middle school teacher, I have an immune defense stronger than the best flu shot EVER!  Unfortunately, I don't think it's been the flu, but nothing more some truly bad kick me on the arse allergies that left me consuming two gallons of orange juice AND NOTHING ELSE for 48 hours straight.  Today I've had a something to eat (soup) but it's not been glorious since I can't taste.

So this means I'm going to cheat this Sunday Salon and just list 25 things that you MAY or MAY NOT know about me.  [It truly depends on how long you've been visiting].  I would love for you guys to do the same.  Write your own list and link it at the bottom so I'm sure to read it.

1.  I curse like a sailor.  Seriously.  It's awful.
2. I also probably drink like a sailor.  For realz.
2. I also use a lot of slang in my speech.  [Which might be obvs from my writing].
3. I realize both 1 & 2 & 3 make me the antithesis of an old school English teacher.
4. Which reminds me, I'm also pretty politically incorrect.  It's really all about my humor.
5.  I luurve me some award shows.  (Oh yeah I'll be watching the grammys.
6. I'm not religious NOW but I did ALMOST go into seminary school.
7.  I'm a INFJ.
8.  People don't believe I'm introverted because when I interact with them I'm usually "on".
9. BUT if I've been "on" for way too long, without a break I'm irritable.
10. I've worked at my school for nearly 8 years and love it there.
11.  I was Teacher of the Year three years ago.
12. There are very little things that shock me or offend me.  See #4.
13.  I earned a double masters in mental health counseling and marriage and family therapy.
14. I initially wanted to work in the prison system with sexual offenders.
15. I also have no kids and never want them.
16.  I'm not big on the idea of marriage either, although I support equal rights for all.
17. My partner is nearly fifteen years older than I am.
18.  We have four cats; one we will have to put down sometime this month. *cries*
19. I am pro-choice.  But mainly, I'm for TEACHING CHILDREN ABOUT SEX.  Preaching abstinence doesn't work, folks.
20. I once got into a bar fight (okay, maybe not REALLY fight..but at least a verbal altercation) because some jerk was defending Vick's animal abuse.
21. I still can't believe I'm 34.  Seriously.  Sometimes I have to remind myself.
22. I'm warm and fuzzy until I feel obligated.
23.  I'm not very romantic.
24. I am OCD and take medication for it.  You can always tell when I'm stressed because my "ticks" (what I refer to my door check syndrome) pick up.
25. I feel like I lead a pretty successful, fulfilled, and happy life.

Well...there you goes folks.  Some tidbits that you might not know.  And seriously.  Share your own. If you don't want to do a post, write some in the comments.  BUT if you do do (heh) a post, link it so I'm sure to read and comment back.

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  1. Interesting about your double masters but became an english teacher. I'm contemplating going back to school this fall to start work on finishing my undergrad degree and have no idea where to start.

    I'm the same way about being on/off social stuff. I don't know what my letter combination is, but I enjoy being social until it's gone on too long, and then I retreat or become cranky or try to disappear for awhile. Actually, ironically, this is something I plan to post about tomorrow, because my Sparkpeople account has gotten so popular that I feel like I'm drowning there, and tomorrow on Spark I announce that I'm deleting my account in a week.

  2. I learned new things!!

    I also swear, a lot. But I try to tame it. It mainly comes out when I've been under a lot of stress. But a good f-bomb every once in awhile does a body good.

    When I do drink, I drink a LOT. :) I'm not good at the whole "in moderation" deal, so I don't even try.

    I'm also a huge introvert. I can interact and be fine, but if I am not in the mood, I AM NOT in the mood. Last night Matt had some of the guys over and I spent most of the evening in the bedroom because I did not feel like talking to them. It happens. :)

    Maybe I'll do one of these this week!

  3. I had no idea about the double degrees! Actually, I had no idea about most of this stuff. :)

    I'm introverted but like you when I'm on, I'm really on. And the whole non-small-talk thing that we chatted about. And I love me the eff word BUT I hate when it's used to describe sex. HATE.

    I'm pretty sure you guys know everything about me by this point. Like seriously.

  4. 1,2, and 4 had me nodding. That is so me. I swear like you wouldn't believe. I've even got Matt swearing more. Whoopsie!!

    I am very equal rights for all as well and may get married someday but know that kids probably aren't for me.

    The seminary school surprised me though. In a good way. :)

  5. Such an awesome group of facts, drinking, swearing, double masters degrees, almost seminary and OCD. I think we'd have fun hanging out.

  6. It is always so validating to hear about other people who curse like sailors. How do you rein it in at school? Because I can dial back my swearing from like an eight to a three, but I have a very, very, very hard time getting it down to one or zero. I tried giving up swearing for Lent once and failed SO BAD.

  7. It is always so validating to hear about other people who curse like sailors. How do you rein it in at school? Because I can dial back my swearing from like an eight to a three, but I have a very, very, very hard time getting it down to one or zero. I tried giving up swearing for Lent once and failed SO BAD.

  8. No wonder I like you...I swear like a construction worker! And I love me some slang. Also, like you, I'm not very into the math thing. (Did you know you have 2 number 2s?) And the only reason I noticed was because I was going to refer back to #2, except it was #2 #2. Which is totally awesome.

  9. I just turned 30 last year (yikes! I'm almost 31!) and I feel like I should be 19. Where did the time go? You sound like you have a lot of the same beliefs I do. I have kids though. I didn't think I wanted them but once I was pregnant with my daughter I decided I was happy about it. Then decided we needed another so she wouldn't be an only child. It was the best decision I've ever made, they are best friends (now anyway).
    It was nice getting to know you better!

  10. I, too, am an INFJ! And we are the most rare personality type. Hi friend!

  11. I don't swear like a sailor, but my 16 month old son has heard the majority of curse words. Unfortunately, he's at the age where he's trying new words and you never know what's going to come out :( I think I can drink like a sailor's best friend, or at least I could BG (Before Gage).
    So, if you don't have those kids you can continue on with 1 & 2 indefinitely!

  12. IT'S MARCH!!! ARE WE DOING MARCH MYSTERY MADNESS? (yes, I'm yelling but in an excited bubbly way). ;)


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