North & South RAL #3

This post is brought to you by the letter S for Spoilers!

Wanna know what I'm finding to be a certain theme with reading N&S? I put off reading the book only to quickly devour the chapters that are assigned for the week when I do.  Like this weekend.  There I was on twitter, totally and completely exasperated because I hadn't read ANYTHING this past week INCLUDING North and South. Sure, I knew that I had to schedule a post, but looky here it was Saturday night and I just didn't have the attention span to open up any book.

BUT then today came around and I sought out some motivation and whatdyaknow, I finish the blasted section in record time.

I don't, HOWEVER, have many thoughts on this section although it WAS drama-filled.

There were TWO deaths! And some swooning.  Aaaaaand some impropriety. 

Impropriety is a biggie here in the 18th century isn't it?  I think that I would have had a letter H for Hussy tatted on my forehead had I lived in those times.  I mean, Mags is already a pretty fierce female inasmuch as she'll speak her mind, lay it into the opposition, and just overall do her own thing.  And yet questions of HER decency and innocence get called into action for escorting a man (unbeknownst to others as her brother) to a bus.  Poor Mags.  Reputation aside, you did good by your brother.  Secretly, I enjoy all of this proper-ness.  I believe it's because I'm hardly ever proper and often have foot in mouth syndrome.

Let's go back to the two deaths.  Um, totally expected Mamma Hale, but Boucher? I don't get the drowning in a stream.  That takes some dedication to lay face down in shallow water.  It's like Virginia Woolf putting heavy rocks in her coat jacket and walking into the stream.  What is up with that? 

There was some shop talk in this section as well.  After Boucher's death he left six children and an ill wife so Bessy's pop stepped up to plate which is all very community fuzzies. Whatevs. 

I'll be interested in seeing how this whole shabang wraps up.  Does bro move back with his young wifey? Does Poppa Hale grow some cahones and stop allowing Mags to soothe and protect his ego? Will Mr. Thornton realize that Mags just might be into him?  Ohhh and can Mags and Mrs. Thornton have ONE good ole' cat fight before the obvs romantic get together.  And just for giggles can Dixon take care of Mr. Thornton's ninny of a sister?

That is all people.  That is all.


  1. Hah...I was ready for a cat fight, too. You know Mrs. T wants to rumble.

    And Higgins called Mags a wench...twice, I think. I think that qualifies her for hussi-hood.

  2. I sort of want to go back in time and be the brazen hussy! Wouldn't that be fun? I mean, you wouldn't even have to do anything properly scandalous by today's standards. Public hugging, talking to a man after the sun has set - you get the idea!

    This section did have lots of action, but felt kind of boring at the same time. Looking forward to your proposed cat fight and lots of amazing-ness as we wrap up!

  3. I'm thinking that I might be almost caught up as I was able to read this post without any spoilers!! :) Happy face. Except I'm counting THREE deaths--Bessy died in this section didn't she? Who knows--I've been too lame to write anything so far but I do plan to finish on time. Fingers crossed.

  4. The part about the Hussy tattoo made me laugh so hard. I'm enjoying your posts on North and South. I can't wait to see what you think of the next section. It's such a good book.


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