TSS - Welcome to the Jungle

I admit.  Every school year I hear GNR's Welcome to the Jungle playing in my head.  In part, it's probably because that song was a big hit when *I* was in middle school.  But also?  It makes a pretty good theme of first day (week?) activities.  The ongoing motto for day 1 is get 'em here, get 'em fed, get 'em home

This week was an endless sea of meetings.  What about meetings made me wish them upon myself as a child? I was that girl who wanted to carry a planner and 'race off from one very important meeting to the next'.  Perhaps it was in my naive mind I thought meetings accomplished things.  Years later, I find them to be tiresome, repetitive, and often times a snore fest.

Interwebs wise I nearly fell off the grid.  I had some reviews scheduled from the summer months and thankfully so, or dear RTTN would have withered.  My attention span this week has waned; I haven't picked up a book or really read must of a blog entry (minus the endearing #italong ones because they make me happy).  In the back of my head I have a nudging feeling that I need to read my section of North and South for tomorrow's post but I'm thinking it might not make it until Tuesday or so.  Also that other readalong that I planned on participating? Wilkie's The Moonstone? Yeah, well, just stamp a big #fail on my forehead.  Haven't even started.  Wilkie and I will have to become better buds another time.

BUT having brought up readalongs it is time to once again reiterate the "you know you want to sit in the back of the bus with all the other cool kids" #italong.  I think Andi from Estella's Revenge said it best: I feel like I'm part of the greatest (warpedest?) cult ever? 

The deets are posted over at Jill's carbonated home, but it's all really simple.  Sign up. Grab It and start reading.  Post midway through on September 16 and then your grand finale on October 14th

I know lots of you have already mentioned on Twitter or our blogs that you want to participate.  PLEASE make sure you sign up here though so we can keep track of all of our clowns.

Oh and check out the button Jill made!  Steal it, use it, love it.


  1. I go back tomorrow. The superintendent's address followed by a motivational speaker followed by a faculty meeting followed by a departments meeting followed by a grade level meeting.

    I can hardly wait.

  2. I'm debating reading It. I'm a Mainer as well so I feel some solidarity-esque feelings pulling at me. But also, clowns freak me out (ironically every since I saw parts of the movie IT on tv when I was a child).

    Moonstone is on my classics TBR at present. I want to be friends with Wilkie as well.

    I know what you mean about meetings. I was that girl too. I actually still am that girl. I hope the week goes well!!

    1. Come on Jenn! Read It with us. You know you want to!

  3. OMG, you're killing me... "Jill's carbonated home." *snort*

  4. I was like that about meetings too when I was a kid. Funny how we have such skewed ideas about stuff when we're younger. And I think your song choice is well-suited to the start of the school year -- though from a parent's perspective, I might choose "I Think I'm Alone Now. 'YAY!

  5. It's exciting how many people have joined ITalong, isn't it? Looks like the N&S reading is going well, too. (I feel left out.)


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