Crash Into Me

Title: Crash Into Me
Author: Albert Borris
Pub: 2009; Simon Pulse
Pages: 257
Genre: Young Adult; Suicide; Contemporary

You know what is REALLY annoying?  When you loo at a cover and think one thing only for it to turn out to be something completely different.

That's how I felt about Crash Into Me.

I admit.  I'm judgey.  I TOTALLY judge a book by its cover.  If I haven't heard anything about it (which is why reviews are oh-so-important) then it's basically if there's cover appeal.  So.  Take a good look at this cover.  Doesn't it look saucy? Like, there's going to be this love story going on which two misunderstood characters.  But they get each other.

I figured it would be a fun summer read.

Then I read the back aaaannnnd wellllll it IS kinda about misunderstood youths.  There's a group of four kids who go on a suicide drive cross country visiting the sites of famous suicides.  At the end, they're suppose to off themselves.  Okay.  Perhaps not the summer romance read I was expecting but it still sounded kinda neat.  (And of course I mean neat in the clever story line way NOT in the yay young people killing themselves way).

But it fell short.

I wanted to LOVE this book.  And I only kinda mildly liked it.  There were only a few moments where I wanted to roll my eyes.

Oh.  It was a quick read. 

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