Weird Sisters

Title: Weird Sisters
Author: Eleanor Brown
Pub: 2011; Putnam
Pages: 320
Genre: Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction

I'm making this quick because I hate writing about something that I was just meh about.  There's no heart in it.  And that's what I felt about the Weird Sisters.

Oh yeah, sure...the PULL was there.  I mean, hello...I nearly paid full price for this book.  (I say nearly because it was at one of my thrift shops where I usually pay no more than $3 for a book and I shelved out $9 for this one!). Total impulse buy so it serves me right.

In a nutshell there's these three sisters who all return home because of whatever-fill-in-the-blank failed in their lives but use the excuse of taking care of their mom who has cancer.  The town is a sleepy lil' collegiate town of a private university (me thinks) where the father professor-ed and they got their education.   Oh and the dad is a Shakespearean nerd so most of what he says is via Shakespearean quotes.  WHICH WAS THE PULL people!

Buuut...the sisters?  Oh my goodness.  Can we just write what they represented on their forehead and call it a day?  I mean, really.  This one was the control freak, this one was the trollop, this one was the baby.  Ugh.  And then the plot was breaking away from those stereotypes? Which they fit into to begin with?  #shootme

So yeah, I put this happy fellow on PBS as soon as I finished.


  1. how funny--I thought I was the only person who read this and struggled even to finish it. I basically convinced myself that it was just on the verge of getting better and so read until the end, when lo, it didn't get any better at all.

    Also, the first person plural narrative nearly did me in. Not a successful use of a Greek chorus-style narration.

    1. "I basically convinced myself that it was just on the verge of getting better and so read until the end"

      EXACTLY. I kept hoping. Because REALLY it had everything that should have been a seller for me. Oh well.

  2. Totally meh. Maybe it's because I don't have a sister?


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