Title: Shelter
Author: Harlan Coben
Narrator: Nick Podehl
Pub: 2012; Putnam Juvenile
Audio: Brilliance Audio
Length: 7 Hours
Pages: 304
Genre: Audio, Mystery, Series, Tweens, Young Adult


And I totally picked it up because it was a short audio, which happens to be ALL that my fuzzy brain was capable of listening to after the #italong debacle.

Also, I trust Coben as a mystery/suspense writer because I've liked both of the adult books that I've read.  Plus, he's pretty darn prolific, so that has to mean something, right? Of course, part of me was a bit weary because it's like singers/musicians who go into acting....sometimes they just shouldn't.  And maybe this would be the case for Coben's transition into middle grades. 

Ummm, I had NOTHING to worry about.  This book is hardcore.  Hardcore enough that part of me actually wished I had a kid of my own to tell him to read it.

So what's it about? Well, here's the thing...I don't want to give up too many of the deets because after the initial disc there were plenty of times I just had to take a "whoa" moment.  But, briefly.  Mickey is living with his uncle because his dad died in a car accident and his mom's kinda went off the deep end after his death.  Mickey has this hottie of a girlfriend named Ashley and things don't suck as bad as they did.  But then, Ashley disappears.  Like, her parents don't even acknowledge her.  So Mickey is all hell bent on finding her which leads him to a new friend, Emie (who knows how it's spelled because I was listening, but she is a rock star!) and Spoon (who is much more like the Robin side kick to Mickey's Batman superness).  The enter the underworld of this town and there are moments when I feel like Stabler (SVU peeps) is going to show up.

And the ending.  Oh the ending.  My mouth dropped and I wanted to hit my head on the steering wheel because THIS ENDING is the reason why I hate finding series because I want to know what happens next NOW and count.

How about that audio?  Once again I'm winning in the narration department.  Nick Podehl did an amazing job changing his voice in believable ways.  There's even a thug with a lisp and it works!  Also kudos for a male doing a decent female voice. 


  1. I loved this one too. Thanks for reminding me to get the second one.

  2. I loved that book, too! And the ending! Total WHAAT!


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