TSS: Get Your Spook On

It has been ages since I've done a Sunday Salon.  The weeks have been slipping by and my mind is having a difficult time wrapping around the fact that we are almost over with the BEST month ever and catapulting toward the end of the year.  I can almost here the gasps at me mentioning the END OF THE YEAR, but let's face it folks, life has a way of quickening its pace and springing the future right into the present.   What is up with that? Where's the remote so I can hit pause.

The Reading World (or What's the Theme of this Month?)

I've filled my little head with tons of spooky tales in the spirit of Halloween.  It by Stephen King wrapped up and let me tell you folks, LOVED that readalong.  It is already a really fantastic book, but the group that read it with me just made it amazingly fun.  (Check out some back convos with the #italong tag).

Then there was the Dueling Monsters where I warped my brain through the sociopathic likes of American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.  If you checked out my thoughts, I don't think that I forced upon ya'll the horrific images that Ellis impressed upon my mind.  I mean, seriously, I wish I could pour bleach on my brain.

Oh and a great spooky tale that I don't think got much attention when it was published is Picture the Dead by Adele Griffith and illustrated by Lisa Brown.  Seriously guys.  It's middle grades. It's ghostly.  It's historical.  AND THERE ARE PICTURES.  Read it now.  Don't miss out.

Finally, I feel behind in the Little Stranger by Sarah Waters readalong, but man, am I glad that I jumped into the Waters head first.  (Heh, I'm soooo clever aren't I?)  It is intimidating to read an author that is so loved in the blogosphere. 

Currently, I'm finishing up the spooktacular reads with Night Circus which I know, I know, I have not yet read and listening to The Diviner's Tale which was an impulse download because I am having a hard time moving past my love for Steven Weber.

Oh and I am about to download Cloud Atlas which I've heard phenomenal things about.

On The Personal Front....

Work has been kicking me in the ass.  Seriously.  Our state has forced upon us an incredible amount of nonsense that is pushing us all on the brink of insanity.  By the time I get home I'm ready to curl under the covers and watch episodes of Bones.  Also, we will be getting a new principal in the next month which has everyone on high alert.  Not that it really matters much to me anymore.  Suits come in and out of our classroom weekly, and various other individuals with hawk eyes writing down everything that we're doing at least three times a week.    We have people who don't know the kids or the curriculum telling us what we need to teach and then skewing the data to show us how we're not doing what we are suppose to be doing.  *le sigh*

I have to remind myself to breathe.  And to work out.  If it wasn't for working out I'd be drinking every night.

But I don't want to end on a bummer...

So let me just point out that it's finally cooling down in this southern state.  We've dropped consistently to the 88 degree mark.  Yay.  I'm looking for some fantastic hot chocolate recipes if you've got them. 


  1. Work sounds so exhausting! I hope all that reaches an end soon and you can get back to your regularly scheduled teaching. :/

  2. I know how you feel. The quest for data is driving me nuts, too. We've a new superintendent who just wants to through some technology at every problem that comes along and no money spend on technology.

    But as long as we can find some data to show her....

  3. Night Circus is a great atmospheric read. I hope you enjoy the visuals.

    My work is insane right now as well. This might be my worst week of the project as the deadline for stuff that I am responsible for is this Friday, but with poor management and flaky developers, we are not going to make the deadline. I am predicting that now and it's not a glass half full like a co-worker keeps saying. It's reality and I am realist if nothing else.

    What am I reading? Well, I read nothing this weekend. I was too busy with cross country races and a bday party for the girl but today I will finish Cold Light.

  4. Cloud Atlas, huh? Good luck with that.

    And if you're thinking of pouring bleach on your brain, you've been hanging out with Patrick B. too much...that sounds like something he'd do.

  5. I have been listening to Cloud Atlas on audio and it's been a little tough to understand the first two stories, but I really got into the third one. It's definitely not an easy listen! But, I hear it's an incredible audio, so I'm still chugging through. It's quite interesting so far.


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